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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  October 27, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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with frustration over the stalled economy driving the political discussion, the news could very well be a win-win for confidence and the president's 2012 campaign. the president's we can't wait economic message appears to be having an impact on his approval rating with a three-point vuchl in the last month. robert gibbs said the president is tapping into the frustration that is driving occupy movements across the country as he told the "today" show this morning. >> i think what's going on in this country with frustration around income and around wall street, look at what every one of the republican candidates wants to roll back wall street reform. barack obama is fighting for the middle class and making sure we can send our children to college. that's a good contrast even in a bad economy. >> if the economy is no longer on life support, the president's republican rivals appear to be in need of cpr.
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take rick perry. his wife said he was brutalized on the campaign trail and the perry camp is suggesting he will skip out on some upcoming debates. after his dismal performance, he is taking to heard the advice of strategist james car ville. >> the best thing he can do for family and friends is go back to texas. this man is everydayly not up to this. he is behind newt gingrich in the polls. he is in something he never should have gotten into. he is in over his head. >> if perry can't stare down another debate panel, herman cain dare not face questions from his own staff. a report today describes disorder and discord in the campaign. most notably an e-mail about riding in a car. do not speak to him unless you are spoken to.
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let's get to the panel in washington. msnbc analyst and columnist. if i can start with you. his wife said he was brutalize and now he is running scared of the debates. what happened to the super confident cowboy? >> if he takes a vow of silence between now and iowa, it might serve him well. he should go back to falling asleep in the debates rather than anything else. at some point, he got in the race late. one of the hardest things that people can do is run for president. mitt romney has not done great, but having done it before and having a team that is ready for prime time is essential. barack obama was one of the exceptions here who got in without a lot of national experience, but he had a good team and had a lot of time
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getting ready for this. rick perry hasn't. it should be no surprise even to his wife that if you don't prepare well for something, you don't always do well in the endeavor. right now i think james's advice was good. he still has a lot of money and the ability to raise a lot of money and there is going to be a second place finisher to mitt romney in the early caucuses and primaries. that's what happened with herman cain and remains wigde open. there is a slight chance of a rick perry come back. . >> with approval ratings for the president up, we are getting a report from the spectrum organization, a consulting group saying that 68% of millionaires support the idea of raising taxes on the wealthiest. 68% of millionaires and that marries the public figure of 68% agreeing that the wealthiest
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should have their taxes increased. does it appear to you that the president is tapping into the public's view? >> look at the polls. it's right there with the public. he's got a bad hand, but a good argument going into the election year. but we should not under estimate just what a bad hand he has. i don't think people should take too much comfort from these new economic figures or from the developments in europe. 2012 could be very ugly. all of these breaks that he is getting from this clown car of a republican primary still may not be good enough. i think he is still accurate in defining himself as the underdog in this race. despite that good news, we don't
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want to get ahead of ourselves. >> i don't want to go back to the candidates, but when herman cain is in his car, his team is not allowed to speak to him unless spoken to. i was reminded of the editor of vogue magazine. if you are get into the elevator with her, you are not allowed to look at her. is he has self-important as the editor of vogue? >> the issue is they may tell him something that will complicate his view on and politi politics. >> like you don't know what you are talking about? >> there is more to than 9-9-9. it's imperial and not the type of quality that most americans are looking for in a leader. it just to show that there is a lot to learn about herman cain and the big question has been whether he can with stand the scrutiny. my bet is he can't. this is the tip of the iceberg in the godfather's pizza slushy.
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>> this sounds like a vain man. >> listen, this race and campaign is a vanity production. it hasn't been run like a presidential campaign. it's as if the strategy is to sell books and get him a job on fox television and sell books and get him a job on fox tv. that seems to be the raise and they are probably surprised by this bullet that he is experiencing and not prepared for it. he was not in this to be a man of the people. >> given that perry can't cope with the debates, cain can't cope with being spoken to in a car, what about romney? he can't hold a position for more than 15 minutes. >> he will win by a process of elimination. in a year that should be good for republicans, theyer defau a defaulting here. you basically only have one
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viable candidate on the republican side. it's an astonishing turn of events. >> when the president went on to the tonight show, he described it as a reality show. he was waiting for most of them to be voted off the island. when you hear herman cain announcing his foreign policy credentials from a dog track, this is not a reality show. it's a freak show. >> it could be both. you can pioneer a new genre and be a millionaire, martin. to be more serious, we heard from mitt romney giving a foreign policy speech in which he said when it comes to afghanistan, his big priority is to conduct a review. he is in essence many good ideas about afghanistan as herman cain. >> i head herman cain's book. >> i'm sorry. >> there two pages on foreign policy. one is half the section about afghanistan and the other about
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china. no reference to iraq or iran. two pages on foreign policy. this is herman cain. >> you are surprising me that there is that much. what can i tell you. i don't think we had a lot of seriousness out of this campaign and that reflects what's happening with the republican primary electorate. >> john, what were you going to say? >> i was going to say that you have to understand why is herman cain getting this degree of support. the answer is simple. he is going before tea party audiences and saying contrary to what all the liberals are saying, there is nothing racist in the tea party. they love hearing this. this validates their idea of themselves. they feel better about themselves by telling pollsters. you saw this in the democratic party with barack obama in 2008. it's kind of the politics of self validation and a tea party member can say i'm not a racist.
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he drives that message home and it's effective forever him. >> these guys want to be president, john. >> that's not a serious thing. this is not a serious possibility. herman cain is not going to be president of the united states. it's useful to just talk about what this means within the republican party when its us about today's party and where the heart of the party is less than a horse race dimensions of this. >> what are herman cain is doing is taking a lot of steam out of rick perry's sagging candidacy. he is blocking the anti-romney vote from coalescing behind anyone with a shot. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank, ;&2)qmartin. >> the economy looks to be growing. will congress rain on the parade? stay with us. ♪
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the economic news as as positive as we have seen in sometime. both parties and congress can brag about passing a thin sliver of president obama's jobs plan. house speaker john boehner heralded the bipartisan passage of a 3% withholding bill and then immediately shifted the focus back to the white house for not doing more. boehner wants the gop's forgotten 15 bills in the house to be passed by the senate and he wants the president to get it done. >> 15 common sense bills that have helped get our economy moving again. the president said we can't
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wait. to take action on jobs. i agree. so i will call on the president today. mr. president, help us with the united states senate to pass these bipartisan common sense measures that will get our economy moving once again. >> not long after those remarks, speaker boehner went on the radio to suggest president obama's recent executive orders on student loan payments and mortgage relief may not be constitutional. congressman charles rangle is a democrat from new york serving his 19th term. let me ask you to react to speaker boehner's suggestion that the president of the united states could be violating the constitution. do you agree? >> no, but i think it's a point that should be raised, because we in the house and the senate, we got our jurisdiction constitutionally very seriously. when we aren't doing anything, the president's movement should
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be favorably considered. the house is deadlocked. the senate is not moving because both of the house's republicans are not concerned with legislation and jobs and equity and fairness. they are concerned with defeating president obama. >> is getting this 3% withholding portion of the president's jobs bill a sign of good things? is this not a suggestion that there will be progress in the congress? >> i wish that i could tell you yes, but democrats and republicans knew that was a big mistake when we first did it. we all wanted to get rid of it and republicans will be republicans and so we have some concern as to how they are going to pay for the loss of revenue that we took. no, this bill was popular because it was so wrong from the beginning. that's not hope. i don't know what's going to give us hope.
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all i hoped really was that when the congressional budget office reported that 1% of the wealthy people control 42% of the national wealth, one out of five kids was born into poverty isy and the middle class is pushed into poverty, i thought that is not only economically wrong, but morally wrong. i thought when the figures came out, republicans and democrats, christians and jews would say hey, there is something wrong with this formula. unfortunately the silence out there with something that is so painful, it really bothers me not getting along on minor bill. when are we going to work together as a country. noz as republicans and democrats, but in the best interest of our country. >> there is another staggering poll out. 68% of millionaires according to the spectrum consulting group,
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68% believe that their taxes and the taxes on the wealthy should go up. 68%. that corresponds to 68% of the population generally believing that the wealthiest should pay more in tax. who are republicans in the house listening to? >> they are a group of people and you know them. some of them call themselves ultra conservatives and others call themselves tea party people. they can defeat some republicans. we have a lot of good republicans in the house and senate and they have been defeated by people who say don't raise the taxes. don't raise revenue. this doesn't make any sense at all. you bet your life, those who have been blessed to be billionaires should want to make certain we have health care and we will have an educational system that produces a dynamic, productive workforce so they
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understand that they have to participa participate. >> you are being generous towards republicans, but allow me to play you this. here's paul ryan laughing off the idea of any shared sacrifice by the wealthiest 1%, including even a modest tax hike. listen to this. >> it this so-called tax increase would actually constitute a huge tax hike on the nation's most successful small businesses. the good news is that according to the obama administration the rich will pay for everything. the bad news is that according to the obama administration, you are rich. >> what's your reaction to mr. ryan? >> i think mr. ryan like the rest of the republicans, there is something in the water that they are drinking. it has to be. >> is this a drug? >> i don't know what it is, but the things they say, it really doesn't make any sense at all.
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the things that concern our nation doesn't even get on the agenda. we are talking about a deficit. we are talking about unemployment and we are talking about health care and talking about disparity. most of all we are talking about hope. that's what really keeps our country together. if kids can't get to school or can't get a job after school, if pension funds are attacked and lost, what is our country all about? >> do you think he is aware of the occupy movement in various parts of the nation? people are rioting about the issue? >> they owe these people in utter disgust and disdain. they talk about them like they are animals. something like marie antoinette. >> an iraq veteran is an animal? who was campaigning on the west coast who has a fractured skull, you are saying the republicans regard him as an animal?
3:20 pm
>> no, i don't think all republicans did, but if i was on a team debating and something like this happened, i would welcome the opportunity to say that he doesn't speak for us. that is not my party. he misspoke. how many people go to bed at night figuring out same-sex marriages or concerning themselves with the issue that is the republicans find so important? they haven't had one bill since they have won the majority that concerns any issues that the more thanes are concerned with. why? their legislative calendar is get rid of obama. i think this has the boomerang on them. people want to know how it will affect their everyday life. they are catching hell and they are out there and that's one of the reasons why i support the protesters. people ridicule them because they don't have an agenda. the agenda is they are
3:21 pm
disappointed in the congress and their country and i believe they are disappointed because a lot of americans, especially in the clergy has not come out on the moral issues that are involved. >> new york congressman as ever, charles rangle, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you, martin. >> stay with us. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at the new spark card from capital one. spark miles gives me the most rewards
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3:25 pm
non-starter. luke russert joins us and the clock is ticking. as the mood of the country, the occupy demonstrations, is that beginning to play some kind of pressure on the committee? >> the pressure that is being forced on the committee i think comes from two areas. you are right when you say there is a feeling around the country that the congress is inept. they are the lowest poled congress in history. the committee has to do something big and bold in order to really save congress in a sense to prevent them to go back and say they were able to accomplish something. you see support. there is a bipartisan letter around the house with 45 signatures that said they want to have a large deficit reduction package where anything could be on the table in terms of entitlement and revenue. the spirit is definitely there. the other thing that is really
3:26 pm
pressuring this committee to do something. the state of the u.s. economy. if this fails to act or if they do something that is viewed as very much the bare minimum, they could have a real bad impact on the financial markets and see another type of credit downgrading that we saw in august after the horrific debt limit. those are the things that fuelled that. >> you walked the corridors every day and know many of these members. do they register with polls like this by the spectrum consulting group that said 68% of millionaires, 68% of milliona e millionaires concede that taxes on the rich should go up and last year 68% of americans overall believing that the taxes the richest percentages of american society should go up. to members of congress, do they read them? >> they read them. >> and ignore them?
3:27 pm
>> through their prism, they view it as how it would impact in their district. because of the way the districts are drawn, both of those on the right and the left are safe, but on issues like that, there is a fear amongst the right of being scored by somebody like norquist for tax reform and things like heritage action group and a lot of newer members and guys who are not secure are worried about being scored by the guys on a negative sense and lose numbers on the conservative rating and possibly of themselves to get a primary challenger. >> i have a wonderful quote for you. as always, you anticipated me. democratic aide said this. "republicans are choosing to pinky swear with grover norquist over real solutions." >> that's always been what democrats have said all along. the reason why you won't see the big robust deals to reduce the deficit is what they see as a
3:28 pm
position taken by republicans that is impractical by not allowing taxes to be raised at all. there is a little bit of hope here. the bipartisan letter in the house at least that shows that folks are open at least 45 republicans are open to seeing things on all sides in terms of revenue. maybe you can start getting there. the problem is if you go back to the individual districts and republicans see this as an ideological fight. any type of taxes being raised is essentially seating ground to the base. one thing i told you since we have gone through the debate, what is fueling all of this. it's all about election 2012. any type of robust partisanship and compromise that would help president obama is not something they want to see ground to. they admitted that. >> horrendous given the fact
3:29 pm
that 14 million people are out of work. poverty is at the highest rate since 1953 and they're with their own congressional districts. thank you very much indeed. when we come back, he goes jogging with a gun on his belt. why is rick perry running scared. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪ not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent, but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. thanks, honey. yeah. you suck at folding. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] just one cap of tide plus bleach gives you more cleaning power than six caps of the bargain brand. visit to learn about special offers.
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and lower emission planes. we even offer a reusable envelope. now, can't we at least print on the back sides of used paper? what's the executive compensation list...? [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. >> now for good news. revealing that the u.s. economy grew by 2.5% in the third quarter of this year. the rise in line with expectations, but a significant improvement on growth that 1.3% in the previous quarter. better than expected orders for goods have raised hopes that at last the economy is beginning to strengthen. the euro zone reached an agreement to resolve the debt crisis and adding to greater optimism for an economic future. i'm delighted to say we have
3:33 pm
dylan ratigan that follows us and the author of a book, greedy bastards. >> normally on days like this -- when there is good economic news or any economic news, we get hundreds of e-mails from eric kantor or john boehner who is quiet today. why is that? >> you are in a situation where -- how do i explain this in ever been to a children's birthday party where they play pin the tail on the donkey? >> i have. >> you watch with sympathy and frustration as they pin the tail on the lamp and the couch and they are nowhere near the donkey and not even on the right wall. imagine today is the day where there is debt restructuring in europe and a sign of activity in some aspect. because we have done something
3:34 pm
that's near the donkey, they are closing the donkey. everybody is excited about it. that's not intended as a backhanded compliment as could be interpreted. that is to say that as the options available to all of us to solve the problems of incredible amounts of debt and the need for explosive growth to get out of this, the options available to take action start to diminish and what becomes more and more apparent not just in greece but around the world is the need to restructure debt is the precursor to launching the explosive growth that gets us out of the situation. >> i had the privilege of lead reading your book already and talking about reducing debt and basically writing off vast amounts of death. here's the euro zone that said to all of these nations, cut your debt requirement by 50%. why in america don't we have
3:35 pm
these banks? looking at all the members of the public that are worthless, why don't they go to homeowners that, house that you bought for 2,000,000 that you have a mortgage for why don't we reduce your debt? >> it will continue to go in that direction because that's where solution lives, but the barrier is the ability to then restructure the banking system. in other words, you have to understand that there lots of things you can do. restructure debt and raise taxes and basically going in and put the swaps market on exchanges and do a lot of things. listen, you have congestive heard failure and a lot of things i can do to fix your heart. if i don't do all of them in concert together, open your chest and take the vain out of your leg and make sure there is stability for the rest of your
3:36 pm
systems while i do that. that is the bank restructuring and write down the debt or do this or do whatever it is. it's like saying i will fix your heard problem by opening your chest and figure out what i will do when i get in there. what about stimulating the way they want to. with other methods. what about that? >> both of these things could be valuable actions, but by virtue of doing the first thing that you want to do is reduce the debt in the housing market. you are forced into a restructuring of jpmorgan and citigroup and a restructuring of wells fargo or the elimination of bank of america. >> why? >> they are the ones who are not going to get paid. when you say we are going to take your mortgage 200,000 to 100,000, the person or institution that will not get that $100,000 is one of two
3:37 pm
groups. either the banks that i referred to or the teacher pension or the policeman's pension or the judge's pension. the same way that germany said we don't want to structure the debt and bail out greece and we find out they are the ones who are not going to get paid. that is the black mail aspect. the teachers and the police and the judges and the pensions are tied to the repayment of the mortgages by restructuring the mortgages. you also punish the pension holders on a level that is intolerable. >> okay, mr. genius. you have knocked down my two suggestions. >> pin the tail on the nose. >> what are your approaches to resolving this? >> only one. the committee for economic development which is the largest nongovernmental organization in the world consists of both corporate executives and other
3:38 pm
finance and banking-related professionals. wrote the marshall plan. it is the debt write downs and the bypass lending. >> the stimulation. the growth we saw coming out of germany and japan afterworld war 2. and the only situation we are in as a planet and a country is a 30 marshall plan that you don't have these random political willie nilly things and taking an idea that dylan or anybody else said on tv or wrote in the paper, we have to restructure the debt. don't go doing one thing. we are dealing with a complex system that we all depend on that is in desperate need of renovation. we have a history with the marshall plan and with the brady bond debt restructuring in the 1980s and at a precipice where we are being asked collectively
3:39 pm
and in the jewish religion they call it a jubilee. there is a reason for that behavior when you have an out of control debt manufacturing system, the only way you can relieve growth is through debt reand the issue is can that be accorded in a way that doesn't bring up all sorts of moral hazard and unfairness. >> comprehensive answer. we will see you again at the top of the hour. top lines and do not speak to mr. cain unless you are spoken to. . >> i didn't realize that that bull's-eye on my back was that big. they came after me like i had talked about their mama. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast.
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>> from candidates admitting
3:43 pm
they don't like debates to boasting what they don't know about foreign policy. here are today's top lines. >> foreign policy. i don't need to know the details of every one of the issue we face. >> these debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates. >> i didn't realize the bull's-eye on my back was that big. they came after me like i had talked about their mama. >> i fully support the governor's i think it was called question two. fully support that. >> do you think i'm dumb enough not to study up on the issues. >> are you a neoconservative? >> i have been studying up on these issues for months. >> i am a conservative, yes. >> i can explain write a return to any better than they can. >> so if there was a mistake made, it was probably ever doing one of the campaigns.
3:44 pm
>> he has $15 million in the bank. >> he could have $150 million in the bank. >> i don't know what the question is if there is a question one. >> we have a saying in my campaign, let herman be perm an. this is the attitude i have. >> i don't know what that is? >> i don't think i was expressing doubts. they are stirring it up between the candidates instead of talking about the issues that are important. it's fun to lighten up a little bit. >> i am 110% behind governor casic and in support of that question. >> to make sense of the republican horse race, i am joined by karen hunter, an msnbc contributor and julian epstein, a strategist. despite the flip flopping changes, look at romney in the early battle ground states. they show romney ahead of by 3%
3:45 pm
in iowa and new hampshire he leads with 40% over cain's 13% and a double-digit lead in florida. they don't love him or like him, but seem prepared to lead with him. >> he is the bona fide front runner and for the republican primary voters, it's like looking for mr. good bar. they dated a number of candidates and nobody has emerged. romney certainly is the definitive front-runner. perry, the one thing dan quayle taught us is you can't run away from the label of being called dumb. most have decided that perry is just not ready for prime time. with respect to cain, i think as we learned with the boston red sox to move from a political to a sports analogy, you can't get to a world series by making that many forced errors. on abortion and how you negotiate with the terrorists on the right of return and a series
3:46 pm
of issues. this guy makes several unforced errors a week. nobody emerged to challenge and it's unclear if anybody will. the base of the party will think he's a weak tee. >> listen to this. >> the man is a serial wind sock. any time you turn around, it's something else. any time he uses an adjective he is getting ready to flip flop. >> it's painful to watch, but also very juicy and exciting as a person watching it. no one likes him. rush limbaugh and none of the conservatives on television and ann coulter. he reminds me of being whiney and elitist and he is just not
3:47 pm
likeable up against someone like cain who is likeable no matter how many time he puts his food in his mouth. >> doesn't the president owe rick perry for accusing romney of flip flopping and encourages them to tweet with flip flop mitt. rick is doing the work for him. two, because they are all violating reagan's 11th commandment which was to do no harm for fellow americans. they are doing what we want them to do. the democrats have this problem. we have an incouple dent presidency. we have structural economic problems that dylan was talking about. regardless of who is in the white house, they will be looking at approval ratings of no higher than 40 or 45%. that's the problem for the democrats. the problem for the republicans as you have a house dwight the
3:48 pm
and the likely nominee that most of the party doesn't like. he has more positions on issue than a game of twister and -- >> you have been rehearsing that. >> quickly, how does romney effectively deal or remove with cain? does he has have to be aggressive and naft he? >> he can't do that. he will have to ride it out and hope herman cain continues to open his mouth again and again and the american people or the republicans who are supporting him will say hey, maybe we can't vote for him. i think he might win iowa. you can't get a better candidate than this. >> karen has good insight. i think romney will get the money. you will see him buy his way in. >> i'm sorry, we do have to cut it short, but julian and karen
3:49 pm
hundred doll epstein, join us. keep up on @bashirlive. wall street is booming. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. [ female announcer ] get money saving coupons at a network of possibilities... ♪ in here, pets never get lost. ♪ in here, every continent fits in one room. it was fun, we played football outside.
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3:52 pm
between the good news of economic growth here in the u.s. to european leaders striking a deal, inching closer to resolving the eurozone financial crisis, it's been quite a good day for the markets. for more on this, we're joined by brian solomon of cnbc market wrap. brian, i've got to give you credit. yesterday, you were talking about optimism, you were talking about things picking up, and like a good prophet, here's the evidence. >> not to toot our street signs horn, but for three months, weave been calling it hopium, which means things aren't great, but maybe they're getting a little bit better. it's actually an amazing month. in fact, the s&p 500 is on track
3:53 pm
for its best single month since october of 1974. the russell 2000, a measure of 2000 smaller cap companies on pace for its best month ever. throw out your hyperbole and superlative, this is a doggone good month for stocks all around and let's hope things are getting a little better. >> and do you attribute the improvement to internal gdp growth, lessening claims for unemployment, or do you look out at europe and see a resolution there, as being the factor, the single-most important factor that's improving the performance of the market today? >> today it's greece. today it's europe. now, will that be the case tomorrow? i don't know, because italy is still hanging over there like the sword of damocles, martin. they've got the biggest budget deficit as a percentage of gdp in europe. they're too big to bail out. so today all the attention really is on greece. a lot of good news, a lot of patting on the back going around. but overall, you pointed to economic data. listen, again, i'm not trying to be a polyana and say everything
3:54 pm
is great. we've got 9.1% unemployment, 14 million unemployed, but gdp not bad. some of the housing numbers, not bad. some of the big stuff, not bad. >> sale of durable goods. sale of durable goods up. >> that's right. truckage toning, rail tonnage, it's all up. goods are being moved around, they're being shipped. let's hope they're sold. we don't want them sitting in a warehouse. so far, not great, but getting better, martin. that's clear. >> brian sullivan, thank you so much. you can see brian on his show "street signs" at 2:00 p.m. on cnbc. we'll be right back to clear the air. shazi: seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important.
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3:58 pm
affair with his gun, who likes to shoot animals in the face, who walks with a swagger, deports himself like a fareless cowboy, rick perry is suddenly running scared. so what's frightening the governor from texas? is it someone carrying a larger weapon than him? maybe an ak-47. does he feel that his army is about to be out-maneuvered? not quite. poor old mr. perry is petrified at the thought of another one of those deadly, frightening, republican debates. yes, mr. perry has gone weak at the knees at the very thought of having to walk on stage amongst friends and talk about his policies. seriously. and so, his campaign team has let it be known that mr. perry is not going to appear in every debate from now on. he just can't take it anymore. but before you jump in and berate him for being a scaredy-cat, a weak heart, and a wuss, just ask yourself how you'd feel if you'd performed like this. >> against the second amendment,
3:59 pm
before he was for -- galileo got outvoted for a spell. was it before he was before? if you're saying i can be bought for $5,000, i'm offended. before he was against versus -- roe versus wade. >> the last time i saw anyone as punch-drunk as perry on stage was in may, 1987, when pinklin thomas challenged mike tyson for the heavyweight champion of the world and landed flat on his back. i think we all understand why rick perry is now running scared. thank you very much for watching. dylan is back, he's here, and he's ready to take us forward. dylan, it's yours. >> i was just thinking about our earlier conversation, martin, and maybe if we invented a new game that was pin the tail on the donkey's nose as opposed to -- or pin the tail on any part of a donkey. >> pin the tail somewhere. >> pin the tail on anything! victory. here's some candy.


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